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Lynn A. Jones, DDS

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Care for Your New Temporary Restorations

1.  Temporary restorations serve several purposes. They protect the prepared teeth and help to hold them in position while your permanent restorations are being made.  In cosmetic cases, your temporaries also serve as a model or reference point for designing the final restorations.  They help us to evaluate the tooth size, shape, position, color, speech, lip support and biting function.

2. Your temporaries are made out of a plastic molded material that is designed to be removed from the teeth when it is time to place the permanent crowns, so they require special care.

  • Avoid sticky foods like taffy, cheese or chewing gum, which might accidentally pull the temporaries off the prepared teeth. Also avoid hard foods like nuts, raw carrots, chips or crusty bread which can break the temporary restorations.
  • Brush your temporaries like normal teeth using a standard fluoride containing toothpaste.  You may experience some sensitivity.  This is normal with temporary restorations.  Using warm water when you brush can help.
  • Floss your temporary restorations as shown using a floss threader if necessary, and drawing the floss out to the side.  Avoid popping the floss back out through the contacts because it is easy to dislodge your temporaries this way.                      

3.  For the first one to three days the teeth and gums may be very sore.  Ibuprofen (Advil) used as directed, is recommended to manage this discomfort. Sensitivity to cold, heat, and biting pressure is normal with some temporary restorations and is not a cause for concern as it will go away after the placement of the final restorations.

4. If the temporary restoration happens to come off prematurely, you can place it back on the teeth and snap it on mechanically.  Or for extra retention, a denture adhesive may be placed inside the temporary restorations to hold them on until you can come to the office to have them recemented.

5.  Avoid whitening your teeth. This will change the shade of your teeth and the final porcelain color will not match.

6.  Avoid changing medications, supplements or diets without discussing it with the Doctor.

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