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Lynn A. Jones, DDS

Voted Best Cosmetic Dentist in Seattle & Bellevue (2008-2017). More 5-star reviews than ANY dentist in Washington, and more than ANY cosmetic dentist or implant dentist in Washington, Oregon, & British Columbia.


Meet The Team



Dental Hygienist in Bellevue / Seattle

dhAloha! My name is Judy and I have been a licensed, registered dental hygienist for many years. Dr. Jones and I became friends when we met at the University of Washington in Dental Hygiene School.

When Dr. Jones asked me to join her team, I quickly said yes, knowing her patients receive the forefront of proven technology. We have the same philosophy of focusing on comfort and helping you be a full participant in your own dental health care. I love being a hygienist! It feels great helping people be healthy and happy.

I am looking forward to meeting you soon and using my years of experience to enhance your dental experience.



Dental Hygienist in Bellevue / Seattle

EmmaI always knew that I wanted a career that would allow me to help people in a meaningful way. I enrolled in a pre-med program and volunteered for hundreds of hours at local hospitals before I realized that it just wasn't clicking. I wanted to do something that would allow me to connect personally with patients that had an immediate tangible result -- where I would really know that my work was making a positive difference for every patient. My sister-in-law was a hygienist, and she inspired me to volunteer at a dental office. I had the opportunity to shadow a hygienist and I just loved it. I received a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Central Washington University, completed the 3-year dental hyiene program at NYU College of Dentistry, and began my dream job as a dental hygienist. 

I love dental hygiene. I find the work challenging and I'm always learning something new. I enjoy the interaction with patients, but what really motivates me is the act of caring for people, and knowing that the work you have done for them today is going to help them to be healthier. By taking care of their oral health, you can actually change their entire life. 

I chose to work with Dr. Jones because of her reputation in the dental industry and the fact that she has achieved more 5-star reviews than any dentist in Washington. I want to feel proud of and believe in the person I work for and the practice I work with, and I have found that in working with Dr. Jones. In the future, I'd like to broaden my knowledge of what we do here and learn more about restorative dentistry as I keep growing my knowledge and skills in oral hygiene as well as learning the newest techniques and technologies for taking care of patients. 

I was born and raised here in Bellevue so it's probably no surprise that In my free time, I like staying active and doing things outdoors. Outside of the practice, you'll find me hiking, kiteboarding, rock climbing and spending time with family and friends.


Registered Dental Assistant in Bellevue / Seattle

Jones-Staff bio photo MG 7059

I love dentistry and the profession. My 22 years of dedication and commitment with many dental organizations have broadened my experiences throughout dentistry. A Seattle native, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Seattle University and I’m in the process of obtaining my Master’s degree in Biotechnology. Education is important to me, I truly believe in learning about a person’s whole health and well-being.

Outside of academia, I care deeply for my social connections especially with family and friends. I believe that my compassion and gratitude for others is a direct result of my upbringing from my loving Filipino family. My family has supported me through all my life endeavors and because of their continued support, I find myself fortunate to meet many successful people.

Two years ago, I met Dr. Lynn Jones and joined her team. Our team brings a wealth of backgrounds and strengths, encouraging and developing complimentary attributes. I am thankful to be part of a team that helps me thrive as a positive contributing member to dentistry. 



Patient Communications / Website & Digital Marketing


As a communications professional and an award-winning public speaker, the first thing I noticed about Dr. Jones was how authentically she listens and communicates with everyone she meets.

Her generosity of spirit, positive attitude and atmosphere and vigorous appetite for life, travel and giving make her an inspiration for everyone she meets; I am not immune!

With a Bachelor of Science in Journalism and specializations in Marketing and Public Relations, I'm a professional storyteller, scribe, strategist and producer. I love learning about the ideas and initiatives that people are passionate about and I help them to share their story in a way that sparks broader understanding, interest and engagement. I've lead marketing initiatives for some of the world's largest theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Six Flags and Cedar Point. Like Disney, Dr. Lynn Jones & Associates creates the highest-quality products, services and experiences on a daily basis, and the entire team inspires smiles from every person they touch.

In my free time, I'm a surfer and a setter -- you'll find me snowboarding, running at Green Lake, playing beach volleyball on Alki or learning to kiteboard. I also love cooking, writing, entertaining, appreciating music and the arts and spending time with family.

I am honored to work with the patients and team here, making oral health care and cosmetic dentistry fun for all!













Registered Dental Assistant / Sterilization Technician / Philips Zoom! Whitening Technician


Ever since I was a little girl, I would always ask for a mirror to watch the dentist work on my teeth when I came in to get fillings or anything like that. At first, it was because I was worried about how close my tongue was to the drill! However, my concern quickly turned into curiosity, and then fascination with the details of the dental procedures. My dentist was excited that I was so interested in what was happening during my dental appointments, and he kept talking about what he was doing and why. I found that what I learned during my own dental appointments was so interesting that I wanted to learn more - so I enrolled in a certification program at Everest College, where I won 5 Deans List awards prior to my graduation as a registered dental assistant. 

I was thrilled when I learned about the opportunity for a promising new graduate to work with Dr. Lynn Jones & Associates. I love learning about and working with the newest techniques and technology in dentistry, oral surgery and teeth whitening. Everyone here is very approachable and gifted in what they do. This is perfect job for me, because I want to continue to grow and to learn from the best. 

What I like about cosmetic dentistry is that the doctors and practitioners really pay attention to people's overall smile -- not just their individual teeth and  oral health -- but how these affect the overall presentation of a person's smile. More than just overall wellness and oral health care, I have learned from this practice that the way each patient feels about their smile can affect their personality - they way they express themselves -- and the way that the rest of the world perceived them, which can affect their success in developing relationships, their success in the workplace, and ultimately, their happiness in life. 

In my free time, I enjoy reading, crocheting, catching up on movies and television programs or just sitting back with a good playlist. i love to hike and take my dogs for walks on the waterfront. I've always wanted to travel more - the farthest I've ever been from Seattle is New York City.  

Although I'm more often working behind-the-scenes, I'll look forward to meeting you the next time you schedule a Zoom! whitening.